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View 50 years (1944-1994) of Quality Chekd Dairies History – View Book QCD History An Idea Whose Time has Come.

Back when Quality Chekd started in 1944, World War II was raging on two fronts – in Europe against Hitler’s Germany and on the other side of the world against Japan all over the Pacific Ocean. During the war, the rationing of milk, cream, butterfat and sugar meant ice cream and dairy plants were able to sell all of the products they were able to manufacture.

While the tide of ware was tipping ever so slightly in favor of the Allies, some of World War II’s toughest battles lay ahead. Five small dairy manufacturers wanted to be prepared for the tough battles expected against the Big Three – Sealtest, Borden and Meadowgold – when peace finally was restored and competition would return. A Chicago advertising agency was commissioned to create a program that included a common trademark to be used with each company’s established name, a package design and a merchandising program.

They invited twenty-one of the leading independently owned ice cream and milk companies in the Midwest to Chicago to view a great, new advertising-merchandising program. On that historic October 25, 1944, each one of those firms signed up enthusiastically to be part of the new program. This was the first time such a program had ever been offered to the ice cream and milk industry.

Today, with over 50 members, Quality Chekd is no longer just in the Midwest, but has members all over the United States and Colombia. While the number of members has decreased over the years, total member sales volume continues to increase each year even as the dairy industry goes through countless mergers and consolidations.

The Quality Chekd’s mission still remains the same; To partner with our members in helping to profitably grow and manage their businesses.