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Chocolate Milk Tastes Good AND is Good for You!

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Milk Contains


87.5% Water

3.9% Fat

3.4% Proteins

4.8% Lactose

0.8% Minerals


Milk is chock full of nutrients to help your body


Calcium – Gives you strong bones and teeth. Calcium also aids in clotting your blood.


Vitamin D – Helps your bones absorb calcium better.


Protein – Assists in building and repairing your muscles. It also gives you an energy enhancement during a cardio workout.


Potassium – Your body loses vital nutrients when you sweat, potassium helps regulate the balance of fluids in your body and helps your muscles effectively contract and relax.

Vitamin B-12 – Builds red blood cells that carry oxygen from the lungs to working muscles.


Vitamin A – Essential to maintain normal vision and skin.


Riboflavin – Converts your food into energy, important for exercising muscles.


(National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Board)

Children and the consumption of Raw Milk...get the facts by visiting www.realrawmilkfacts.com

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