Sales Development

To drive growth within a company it is critical that organizations develop a highly functional skilled sales team. This team of individuals needs to have the sales skill sets and product knowledge to address the competitive nature of dairy industry. They need to be strategic in planning the growth in their territories and be leaders in their organization to become more effective at leveraging internal resources to achieve profitable long-term results.


Dairy Sales Manager Leadership Development I & II

The Dairy Industry will continue to shift in the coming months and years, triggering an onslaught of new challenges. What makes a sales manager effective in their role today may not ensure success in the future. 

Sales Training in a Changing Dairy Environment I, II & III

The Sales Training in a Changing Dairy Environment Workshop emphasizes development of the sales individual to empower them to better understand, reach and influence the most important asset of any company–customers. 

Discovering & Selling Value

This workshop helps salespeople take on a different view: discovering and selling value to the customer instead of trying to always be the low guy on the block.

Coaching your Sales Force to Excellence

Sales managers learn coaching techniques that help them make the transition from a conventional output-management approach to one in which the coach actively creates an environment that fosters performance and fulfillment.

Customer Service (Order Entry) 1 & 2

This is a series of two half-day workshops that focuses on the tools needed to improve the effectiveness of the order entry department. Each workshop is customized to deal with the specific needs and challenges facing your company.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Businesses in every sector are experiencing increased competition as new diverse players enter the market. When customers have more choices, they perceive fewer differences among the companies that provide similar services.

Effectively Managing Your Sales Force

This workshop teaches the mindset, skills and process the sales managers needs to manage high-performing salespeople. Sales managers learn to provide common language and values to promote alignment with and attainment of their company’s sales goals and strategies.

Sales/Marketing Strategic Planning

This program is an industry-specific Strategic Planning Process for sales and marketing departments.

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