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Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement includes the act of re-tooling & re-engineering your leadership team to achieve employee engagement to evaluate the value in your processes. It is all about the process & developing your people. The guiding principles of continuous improvement include: customer defines value; eliminating waste; growing and developing future leaders; continuously improving the
process; engaging the employees; enacting a long-term philosophy; having the right process to equal the right results and solving root problems.
Creating a Change Environment Part I

In today’s competitive market it is critical for an organization to move quickly and anticipate customers’ demands. To accomplish this, everyone in the company must actively seek continuous improvement.

Creating a Change Environment Part II

This 8-hour workshop continues to deal with the challenges of change when creating a continuous improvement environment. Looking at developing the processes to measure and ensure that changes positively impact the business.

Goal Strategy for Continuous Improvement

Based in part from the book “The Game of Work” by Charles Coonradt and the video “Toast Kaizen” by Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership, this workshop explores the challenges we face in differentiating between value added and non-value added processes or activities, and teaches managers how to create action plans for reducing waste in their operations.

Time vs. Self Management

As we try to address this limited resource we are confronted with an overwhelming number of choices and decisions. You can only achieve so much in the limited amount of time we have in a day. 

Problem Solving for Continuous Improvement

This workshop is third in a series for developing and sustaining a continuous improvement strategy. In this workshop you learn a process on how to use projects or problems as opportunities to develop engagement within your workforce.

Scorekeeping for Success

This workshop is second in a series for continuous improvement. It is based on the book “Scorekeeping for Success” by Charles Coonradt.

Continuous Improvement Overview

Senior managers will discuss reasons for implementing a Continuous Improvement Process, the challenges involved in implementing this process. & the basic organizational structure needed. In today’s competitive market it is critical for an organization to move quickly and anticipate customers’ demands

Management Alignment of Continuous Improvement

This workshop focuses on identifying the key elements for a continuous improvement environment and how this process will impact your business. This includes discussion of the tools, systems and processes required to sustain a continuous improvement environment.

Management’s Role in a Continuous Improvement Environment

This workshop defines the roles and responsibilities of the general manager/senior managers. Managers define actions and behaviors that impact the sustainability of a continuous improvement environment, and create action plans for creating and supporting an engaged workforce.

On-Site Senior Management Strategy Implementation

This strategy and action-planning workshop focuses on developing the implementation of the continuous improvement process.

Strategic Planning for Plant Managers

This workshop defines the roles and responsibilities of the plant manager as champion for a continuous improvement environment. 

Root Cause Analysis

This workshop is designed to help managers & employees identify the true or root cause of a problem situation. It is a very structured, hands-on workshop that uses problems the participants bring to the session.

On-site Plant Manager and Supervisors Implementation

This workshop introduces the supervisors to their role and responsibilities in a continuous improvement environment. The plant manager and supervisors create guidelines, goals and expectations needed to sustain continuous improvement. 

Creating an Environment of Engagement

This workshop identifies critical behaviors that management needs to demonstrate to create and sustain employee engagement.

Minimizing Wastes that Impact the Bottom Line

Management learns the impact that the 7 Wastes + 1 have on the productivity, quality, safety and efficiencies of their operation.

Daily Team Operations/Overall Equipment Efficiency I & II

Daily Team Operations is a series of 8-hour workshops that bring the operations and the maintenance teams together to work on reducing and eliminating downtime while improving overall equipment efficiencies. It is a very structured approach to reducing waste and increasing employee engagement.


Generating Ideas for Continuous Improvement

The goal of effective problem solving is to develop many problem solvers. CEDAC (Cause and Effect Diagram Adding Culture) is an approach using the fishbone tool in a creative team-based participative problem solving way and fosters a team problem solving culture.

The Hows, Whys and Sustainability of a 5S Environment

5-S is a Continuous Improvement tool that helps with workplace organization in various areas of the operation, which enables management to better see waste. In this 8-hour workshop participants will have the opportunity to see how this new tool also engages their team.


Continuous Improvement Skills Practice

This 8-hour workshop trains participants in the continuous improvement leadership skills needed to fully implement this new environment. This very interactive practical workshop uses scenarios specific to the food industry.

Daily Team Maintenance 1 & 2

This is two 8-hour workshops that address developing a Daily Team Maintenance process.

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