Membership Categories

Base Program Membership-Pyramid-3

  • QCS Purchasing Access
  • Membership Meetings
  • Technical Support Services
  • Quality Chekd Training Program Access
    1. Online Training
    2. Regional Workshops
    3. Onsite Training Workshops

Base and Quality Programs
  • All of the above “Base Program” services; and
  • Lab Sampling Program through Mérieux NutriScience
  • Inclusion in annual Awards Program

Base, Quality and Trademark Programs
  • All of the above “Base” and “Quality Program” services; and
  • Access to use of all trademark items (pending membership approval and in line with any License Agreement).
For more information on membership and subscription information, please contact Chuck Yarris at Quality Chekd Dairies at or (630) 717-1110 .

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