Awards Program

Quality Chekd's award program recognizes its member dairies that go above and beyond their peers in a variety of categories. Recipients gain prestige within the organization and their service areas, highlighting their achievements in production, quality, marketing and customer service. Our major awards, The Irving B. Weber Award and the Production Excellence Award, are given to the top plants who achieve the highest ranking in various categories and are recognized by their peers as the ‘BEST OF THE BEST” within our organization.

All of the awards are presented at the annual QCS Leadership Conference and are based off the previous calendar year’s performance.
Listing of All 2018 Award Winners

The Irving B. Weber Award

The evaluation criteria for the Weber Award was updated this year, and is now modeled after the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) Award process.  Named after our first board president The Irving B. Weber Award recognizes top three trademark member dairy plants that have earned the highest annual scores from Quality Chekd in the areas of business leadership, quality, sustainability, customer/consumer satisfaction, employee safety and personnel development.  View 2018 Irving B. Weber Award Press Release

 The Weber Award Process

The Quality Chekd Production Excellence Awards - Fluid Milk, Cultured Products and Ice Cream Categories

These three Awards recognize the best single production plant within the organization in each of the three categories; Fluid Milk, Cultured Products and Ice Cream. All plants within the Quality Chekd organization are eligible to win these awards. The Production Excellence Awards highlight superior performance in finished product quality, plant appearance, cleanliness, efficiency, overall management leadership, and process control. Criteria includes laboratory test scores, and evaluation of a plant's process systems for assuring product quality. The evaluation stops at the dock and does not include sales, distribution, or marketing. View Production Excellence Awards Winner Press Release

Merit Of Excellence Awards

This program is used by Quality Chekd to recognize those plants which have achieved outstanding product quality performance based on results from the Mérieux NutriSciences/Quality Chekd Laboratory throughout the year.  View Quality Chekd Dairies Announces Winners for Merit Awards Press Release

Plant Assessment Awards

This award goes to member plants reaching 95 percent or higher on their 3rd party annual plant audit. View Quality Chekd Dairies Announces Winners for Plant Assessment Excellence Press Release

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