Product Evaluation and Lab Support

The Quality Chekd Compliance Program requires monthly product evaluations to confirm that each meets the organization’s elevated standards. The Merieux NutriSciences state-of-the-art laboratory conducts microbiological, chemical, and sensory product testing on member product samples.

The Quality Chekd Lab Proficiency Program is conducted in partnership with Merieux NutriSciences and provides a cost effective method to routinely assess the technical proficiency of on-site labs and staff and benchmark against an accredited lab.

Through Quality Chekd’s partnership with Merieux NutriSciences, members receive a substantial discount on critical quality assurance services, such as environmental monitoring, single service packaging certification, third party auditing, training  and nutritional analysis/labeling assistance.

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View the  2018-2019 Quality Compliance Program  to learn how the program enables each dairy to monitor product quality and consistency and to benchmark products against other members participating in the program.

To view immediate test results and COAs, log onto the MyMXNS Client Portal at For those new to the system, please contact Amanda Moore at  to arrange for login credentials and access.
Quality Chekd Program Resources

Click below for reference materials to assist with  participation in the Quality Chekd Compliance and Proficiency Programs and to successfully select, handle and submit product samples. 

  • Sensory evaluation bulletins and printable scorecards
  • Testing methodology and disparity resolution
  • Late samples, resubmissions, retest protocols
  • Sample selection, preparation and shipping guidelines

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Quality Chekd Compliance Program Monthly  Reports
Participants  access monthly reports and scores via confidential assigned Lab ID numbers.  Reports are posted the last week of each month.  Products are evaluated for microbiological, chemistry and sensory attributes by Merieux NutriSciences and members may reference  the Quality Chekd Compliance Program manual for details regarding the evaluation of other dairy products and for product guidelines and specifications.
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Quality Chekd Lab Proficiency Program

The Quality Chekd Lab Proficiency Program enables members to routinely assess the technical proficiency of the in-house laboratory. Through continuous participation in this testing program, each organization will:

  • Assess lab/analyst proficiency, precision and accuracy
  • Establish on-site lab credibility
  • Benchmark with peer participants
  • Comply with GFSI and customer audit criteria
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About Mérieux NutriSciences Food Safety and Quality Services

Mérieux NutriSciences is the leading internationally accredited provider of food safety and quality services. Quality Chekd members receive a substantial discount and exclusive pricing on critical lab, food safety and quality assurance services, such as single service packaging certification, 3rd party and GFSI auditing, training, environmental testing, data management  and nutritional analysis/labeling assistance.  For more information contact Ray Collins  at or 630-717-1796.

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